GH12 Body Camera
GH12 Body Camera
GH12 Body Camera

GH12 Body Camera

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The GH12 is the most versatile addition to the professional body camera category. Offering a large 64GB internal storage capacity with GPS and 1296P recording resolution, the GH12 is the dominant camera for any security personnel or police officer.

The battery life supports a generous 12.5 hours (max) depending on recording resolution and is easily rechargeable through the included docking station, USB cable or car charger. The simple to use structure allows for an easy operation with the choice to activate advanced features through the settings such as encryption, GPS, pre-record and much more.

Durability and reliability are paramount - the body camera supports a 2-3m drop test and works well in harsh conditions such as heavy rain, dust or extreme temperatures.

The 140° wide angled field of view allows the body camera to capture much more of its surroundings compared to traditional body cams and it does this without resulting to a stretched fish eyed state. 

Recording quality is superb with the option to record at resolutions above traditional full HD resolution. You will also have the option to change the resolution from 4 choices; 1296P, 1080P (default), 720P and 480P. 

Note: This camera is best suited for law enforcement, council, security personnel and traffic controllers with advanced security and design features.


Key Features:

  • CMOS Sensor with Ambarella A7 chipset
  • Waterproof/ Weatherproof: IP65
  • Infrared Night Vision: 10m with face detection
  • 6-12.5 hour battery recording time (based on selected recording resolution)
  •  Includes 5-digit device ID and 6-digit police ID with administrator password to allow for file deletion
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Motion Detection
  • Built-In 64GB Memory
  • Wide Angled 140 degree fixed focus lens
  • 21 Mega Pixel Snapshots
  • GPS Functionality
  • HDMI Port: Allows playback on larger screens
  •  External Camera Support: Allows the use of an external mini camera (720x576 P25)